Sometimes the husband knows but the couple enjoy it together in a cuckold way.

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Our established cheating wife members could be your neighbors, office clerks, housewives or even a neighbor in your city.

Cheating wife Aurora

Sometimes the husband knows but the couple Auurora it together in a cuckold way. Then, another of Kelly's lovers shows up on their doorstep.

Cheating wife Aurora

My mistress is pleased. If my old, male self had witnesse That knowledge filled my sissy heart with a pride even more exquisite than the sweet torture of getting screwed.

One thing le to another, and Orson finds himself taking two huge cocks at once in his virgin ass! Then, she tells him he's the one who's gonna be wearing the dress! Her legs were spread, and one of her hands, hidden beneath the waistband of her jeans, was stroking her pussy with small, circular movements.

I turned my head with difficulty, and found her languorously on the couch, watching us with glazed eyes. When the maid in question accidentally catches sight of Orson's work in progress and informs Kelly wire what her husband's been doing in his spare time, he tries to explain to his irate spouse that it's all just a fantasy.

He doesn't even balk when she shaves his whole body, paints his face with makeup and demands Aurorw clean the house from top to bottom! Members post photos and videos of themselves asking for males to in with their partners or just by themselves.

Cheating wife Aurora

His latest story, however, is dangerously close to reality; it features him getting intimate with the maid who's about to make her first visit to their home. Reluctant Chsating first, Orson eventually accepts his role as a sissy, even going so far as to deepthroat the man who cucked him. Surprisingly, she doesn't bring the issue up again—until a few weeks later, when she comes home with a French maid's dress, a set of lacy lingerie and a pair of stiletto pumps.

Cheating wife Aurora

Orson submits to his wife's wishes and agrees to put on the outfit. At first Orson thinks Kelly's planning to masquerade as a maid for his sexual delectation. These real, amateur cuckold couples are eager to meet and on a schedule so they don't like wasting time.

Perhaps a mix of both? Still, the newly-sissified husband's shocked when she reveals she's invited her well-hung lover over to get an eyeful of his humiliating getup.