A chance encounter On a rare day off on your business trip in another town. You feel thirsty as it is hot summer. You see a group of young guys playing together. You ask them if they have something to drink. They tell you that they have drinks in one of their houses and you can go with them if you want. They kind of drag you to their car.

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For some reason, Cuvkold makes me horny and I decide to hide and watch. You have got more than enough to drink. Just stay still. I was very hesitant at first but started to open up. Everyone spits in your mouth except Mike who is fingering you. Is it just water you want?

You: Please use condoms. You: I want you all. You feel more thirsty and the guys say they have to leave. This slut really means it.

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They drop you Cjckold the floor like a used toy and take a seat while Andrew and Ben take over. Mike: Ok guys. All she deserves is the dirty floor. Ben: Oh.

So what do you want from us? Show us how much you respect us.

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They seem to fuck you for eternity shouting how dirty you are. You have a shaking orgasm that you let subside while hugging Dave tightly.

Cucold are giving them a hand job. They insert chips in your own ass and then feed it to your mouth. Once in awhile they chew the food and spit it on floor which you are not supposed to touch. They eat the food.

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You put your arms around his neck. Ben: Yeah.

Mike who is standing in front of you, pulls your face to his cock and pushes his cock all the way into your throat. Look how she is reaching out for the cocks.

As soon as we reached the hotel room after crossing the hotel staff who were giving judgmental looks, we kissed each other in the room. I will definitely do it. You feel totally full.

Dom: Wow. I asked him if he would be willing to start small at first.

Now he makes you lie down on the floor, face up and sits on your face and forces you to lick his ass. I am so thirsty. They ask you to forget it and leave the place. His cock grew bigger in your mouth. Cuvkold

You shout dirty words and at that moment you got a glimpse of me peeping through the window. I was still nervous though.

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I became engaged with "Rich" not his real name. Andrew: Oh wow. You have to lick of the floor.