Femiphobia The six men addressing my undergraduate sexuality class have two things in common. First, they all look fabulous: fit, muscular men, with square jaws, short neat hair, and stylish masculine clothes. They look hody models from J. Crew or Banana Republic catalogues, which may be one reason why many more female than male lqnguage are asking them questions. I see the looks on the women's faces as they listen to the panel, and they convey wistful attraction. This is due to the hopeless nature of the attraction-hopeless not because the men are 10 years older than my students, but because of the second thing the men have in common: they are all gay.

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We would expect to see similar s of both types. The earliest occurred in Dallas, where Laguage had traveled to interview gay twins for a study regarding the genetics of sexual orientation.

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Another is that behavioral masculinity characterizes the prototypic man. During my talk I showed a short video of a feminine boy dressing in girls' clothes and playing with dolls. The idea that gay men want masculine partners may be surprising to straight people, but it is less so to gay men. Part of it is adverse childhood experience. Although it is unclear that the gay accent is a feminine accent, even gay men discuss it as if it is.

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The lead researcher, Joshua Tabak, is reported as having said that "we were surprised that participants were above-chance judging sexual orientation based on upside down photos languaye for just 50 milliseconds, about a third the time of an eyeblink". Homosexual men love very masculine men.

Gay body language

I inferred that as boys, both men had been subject to the shame-inducing disapproval of others, including parents and peers. To answer this question this we did a second study. The other difference was that gay men's used many more words related to gender conformity and nonconformity, such as masculine, feminine, butch, femme, lahguage, straight appearing, and flaming.

This is due to the hopeless nature of the attraction-hopeless not because the men are 10 years older than my students, but because of the second thing the men have in common: they are all gay. In all 72 in which an advertiser was explicit about what kind of gender-related trait he did not want, it was a feminine trait; "no femmes" was the most common request. At that point the waiter leaned over and said to me 'Just tell her honey!

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There are similar ironies in straight relationships. How often do advertisers describe themselves as having "below average looks," even though half languafe world should? Initially, I found this odd, because the link between childhood gender nonconformity and adult homosexuality is one of the largest and best established associations regarding sexual orientation.

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The second hypothesis is less malevolent but more pessimistic than the first. We went to a gay-oriented bookstore, a gay gym, and a gay pride rally, and we asked gay men to languags at the brochures and choose which person they would prefer to date.

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For each ad, we looked for gender-related bkdy and we kept count of how often the advertiser: a requested a masculine partner, b requested a feminine partner, c described himself as masculine, and d described himself as feminine. Advertisers want to entice readers to answer theirand are sometimes quite creative in their self-description. What kind of research was this?

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In fact, the research showed that people were better able to judge whether women were gay or straight, not that women were better able to judge sexuality. What about the rest of you guys?

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Crew or Banana Republic catalogues, which lnguage be one reason why many more female than male students are asking them questions. This leaves the question of why. One of them is a very masculine man, and the other is a Ga drag queen. It is unclear whether these quick decisions are made in real life situations. While the Mirror and the Sun also featured exaggerated headlines, their reporters did a better job of presenting the research.

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When describing whom they're looking for, people often have a mixture languae idiosyncratic desires "likes opera" or "enjoys camping"but when the same preferences recur in ad after ad "tall, dark, handsome, and rich;" or "attractive, sexy, and fit"you know these are commodities that most people want. When gay men say "No femmes," what is it, exactly, that they are eschewing?

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If one is attracted to men, then one will be attracted those with masculine behavior. Forty one percent of all the had some gender-related word.

My hobbies include traveling, being outdoors, and listening to music. Some of the pictures were of very attractive men, others of average-looking men, and the rest were of men we considered very unattractive. In the first experiment, they recruited 24 University of Washington students 19 women in exchange for extra course credits. But the raters also strongly preferred Gaj brochures with the "masculine" self-description. This makes sense to me, but it is not the only plausible hypothesis.

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When I ask my gay friends about what feminine traits they dislike, they usually begin by talking about the voice. Perhaps their unusual characteristics Gau preferences are what necessitate placing such in the first place. Both what gay men seek and how they represent themselves suggest that they are massively biased in favor of masculinity. They cost money, for one thing, and when people have to pay for each word, they try to make every word count.

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The deer of the universe has a perverse sense of humor.