Drax : It's like a pirate had a baby with an angel. Peter Quill : Wow. This is a real wake-up call for me.

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I ant allowed in nightclubs.

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My onlh name is Stuart, and neither of us think it would suit a baby. I'll meet up with you there if you wanna?. You knows what I mean. I'll tell yo all about him, but I'm not Wife looking nsa PA Gap 17527 his name out on here. Write Back Soon, Take Care Luv Coralee x Thu Nov 3 katie-may Hey sio congratulations thats really good for you x Thu Nov 3 Nicola hey marrylou i no a boy called luke he lives on ther were me cusin jamie an ann marie lives me dad nos levi cooper i dont ive only heard of him an yer lisa lives on meadow lane her dad is called norr short Ij noah do you go about wid janie gal shes me cusin shes a bit of a din int she but i fink shes cushty.

If any of use girl wanna chat then write back. I g2g now cause me dad wants me but message back. Rosie-jane nows a load of people up surry way and she goes up there but i ant allowed.

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But in a quarter of cases it is not possible to identify the cause. Exciting hey!!! Do you know the Lonesome site in Streatham. Do you know them?.

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hwre Write back when u can. Write Back Soon Luv Coralee x x Thu Oct 27 marie smith, kent to chardonnay, i know mark and matthew barney who lives on cranleigh. Where her gonna live then when ya move over there? I never realised she's having another baby. Now I am driving me dad wtahces me like a hawk, and asks where I'm going how long I'm going for and I gotta be back by this time.

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Have u been to stevanage? Oh i can't wait to drive!!!

A few girls has got it but they are younger than me. So I told him to get old.

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Write back xcourtney-annx. Write back Soon. Peter Quill : An hour? Sorry I haven't been on the computer for ages me little sister Montana went on it the other day and since she got of the bloddy thing wouldn;t work. Oh that thing up thorpe park is frightning.

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Peter Quill : Stop massaging his muscles. What you up to tonight?. Is you allowed? Luv gypsygirlx Fri Nov 18 max. Is there any partys on the weekend? Do u go in high society?

Thu Monday horny hmu 24 rachel wisbech nicola. Then u gotta make a e-mail adress, then u will have to download msn. Sat Oct 29 anon Although you young ones think your mums and d are giving you a hard time, not letting you out clubbing and herr, i might be older than yous lot, but i had my kids real young, only sixteen with my first.

I've just heer back from Kempton Market with me brother and his girlfiend.

Im here only 4 u girl

It was a laugth. Drax : It's like a pirate had a baby with an angel. Like Shaun the smeg. To anon, get over yourself. Aight people im dpresd. Wed Oct 26 katie-may well anon so wot if nicola ses she split up wi her boyf maybe they wer engaged had a bit of a tif hirl made up again or is that not allowed to happen! I haven't been doing nothing sewing some jems and that on to me jeans, cleaning, looking after me sisters baby and rowing with everyone.

Im here only 4 u girl

On the search engine search msn or www. Write back ,luv ya gypsygirlx Fri Oct 28 Carl OK anon, yeah you're allowed your opinion, but if you're gonna dis Nicola and others on here you should at least let her know who you are? I ant been up 2 much, just the usual ya no.

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I cant wait girp drive, i just been driving round the yard like a dinlo. U should get msn, its just like text messaging each other except its quicker. Me brothers is allowed any-where and me sister is allowed a few different places.

Im here only 4 u girl

Tell me how you get MSN and I'll mail you back striaght away. I left early to meet me boyfriend and went over to Cox Lane site for a while with the boys and girls.

Im here only 4 u girl

WE ant courting we would get kilt. R u courting? What you been up to then, girl?. My question is, your useing a different name because you are ladged of your spelling? Mon Nov 7 marrylou to nicola in one of your messages u said that luke was handsome when was the last time u see him coz he is far from handsome anyway i haven't really been anywhere just went out with the girls and boy suday where did u go write back Mon Nov 7 gypsy girls frum stourport ay this is sammy jo and kathleen frum stourport do any of ya now any of the travellers frum stafford this is the first time we,ve been on eya write back to us and weil av a chat.

Metwo older sisters have gone and now its my turn.

Private treatment is also available, but it can be expensive and there's no guarantee it will be successful. Yeah I've been to the High Society a few times, I don't mind it in there but it's so small and there's all ways some one who wants to row with some one else.