I'd like to go over a few of these announcements. Pennsylvania's a little bit different but new-york there's another week before they start lifting and then we're not sure what's gonna be happening because of I think that in our area, they're saying 25, not more than 25 Together together but anyways. This Sunday, we'll be doing again in our church campground in series Pennsylvania at 11 o 'clock so come as you are stay in your car. One comic Strip that was put up that I reposted it was a woman coming to church. Everybody was sitting there and she was coming in her House and a Cup of coffee and I said that Missus Jones is still thinking that it's driving or living room setting church service, but I hope.

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Last week, we talked about AI the city of pride, a type of pride in our the Christian's life that can come so easily that we need to watch that we don't become prideful in our walk with God and tonight I wanna go to another area that I believe is it's if we're living in a day an hour that this is happening more. If you have to call your child, three times, you're teaching them disobedience, meaning you didn't mean what you said to begin with.

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I had my legs crossed and my eyes cross come on. God is God.

Oh what she mad at God, I Olea, you promise God a whole bunch and never fulfilled any of those promises. So what did they do? He stood there and smiled Swingers personals in vermont. out just swaggert out to the car. How many times do we have to call our children to get something done or do we have to get their full first Middle and last name in there, we train our children to answer when we want them to come.

James Chapter five. Will get wineskins that are broken and we will act as if we are from a far country and we'll make a League or rreal make a pack with these people that they Marred not hurt us and we will literally lie to them and tell them that we are from a very far country and if you read the incident in the story there, they made out that our eral skins were brand new. I'd like to go over a few of these announcements. Is is promising money to God.

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It's easy to fall into love and it's easy to fall out of it, but our vows are made for before God and to God for the individual we can't break those. We need to comprehend that.

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Bind Olesn soul with a bond. Because he slow the Gibbs now, I don't know the whole reason why he slew the Gib Knights whether he was trying to make up and because he's trying to gain favor with God and said well because Israel didn't do it to begin with. I preach Thick Bear Delaware women looking for sex many years ago many years ago over 30 years ago and that scripture there, Oh just I just brought it out so forcefully and we are getting ready.

They never inquired of God that what happens is we tend to lean upon our own understanding, Proverbs chapter 35 and six trust in the Lord with all thy heart. No eeal what are you doing and ask me? When you come to our House this weekend well, Magried come home with us. So here's the sed with the interest that you would have earned if you've taken that money and put it in the Bank. I'm heading out to the car.

Or to reside you're living in that area so lord who shall abide in your Tabernacle who shall live in your Holy Hill. Read here tonight but we need to understand something here that we need to be people of our word. Maybe you're a sinner when you got married both of you, That's doesn't mean any sec when you get saved in fact, Paul in the New Testament talks about being married to the unsaved.

And I'm gonna go to church every single time.

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It doesn't win it. WM, professional, flexible schedule afternoon or morning fun? Death to death Do us part God We will love and cherish honor those are vows We make to God to that individual. Try to make excuses for it Just fulfill it tell em you're sorry and let's fulfill it doesn't matter how old they are. It can be the preacher in the Old Testament could have been the priest the angels', the Minister of God, the angel that it was an air I made a mistake.

I know when circumstances arise and you know you feal say, well, I'll be there tomorrow and you end up in the hospital. It was on loooking Sunday night.

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I get really lonely in bed and I just want to meet someone to fill that space up. We have two ways' more than two but two ways for ourselves that we can look at to see what direction we need to go. Hib there here is a little rea, me I am a laid back guy who loves sports,lifting weights, running, cooking out and the outdoors. Watch what we say put a watch over our mouth and we need to understand that I don't know if it's enough.

See it's correction. There's gonna be a famine in the land three years in a row and I'll tell you what if it doesn't rain for three years in a row, it gets pretty dry and dusty and it. What it was. I said, you Housewives looking sex tonight Independence Kansas 67301 you've called lookinf child three times, but I'm busy, I said it's rael for the child's benefit.

I remember. We'll get moldy bread.

Of the children of Israel, but a remnant of the animal rights and the children of Israel have sworn unto them it. We redeem words, then Thou shalt vowel th unto the Lord when thou shall bow thow unto the Lord thy God.

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Tall, handsome rsal very discrete! We're supposed to be people of our word and there are so many people today that don't know how to keep their word.

I said what do you mean she lied, she told me, I wasn't getting anything more she lied to him. But it says even if we swear to our own hurt.

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If the Lord wills, we don't hear that too much anymore. Need to talk to you Can you come over to my House? Put your mind in gear your gear before you engage your battles Where should God be angry at that voice and destroy the work of thy hands. That which is gone out of my lips, thou shall keep and perform even a freewill offering, according as thou has found unto the Lord thy God, which thou has promised with thy mouth that it's so much we we talk about in Proverbs death and life are in Mafried power of the tongue and we've got those what we call faith teachers.

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Is is what is despised. It's Okean good. I will give them and this is where Rapa stayed there, day and night, keeping the Wild Beast in the birds from landing on. I have in my notes that I didn't it doesn't didn't come up.

Israel never checked to the Gibby Knights and they made a League with that, which was to be turned away The unfaithful the unbelievers.