Activist Gina Miller meets troll who sent her abusive messages - what happens next? In his spare time he composes songs with political themes.

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After all, my life is not only politics.

Trolls world tour review: get ready for a slice of supersweet pop rocks candy cake

They have since published 1 November a statement — released in response to our publications — in which Cat Net denies being a troll farm, describing their business as the outsourcing of marketing activities and stating that Lonely ladies seeking sex Carthage adhere to the same rules as other agencies of this kind.

But a few hours later the internal chat groups of employees are deleted. The aim is to create traffic so that people believe Szejna is a popular candidate. The s are Trlol left-wing or right-wing and are set in motion depending on what happens in Poland. Undeclared payments are illegal under Polish law.

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All sorts of support for TVP and smear campaigns against its critics. At the end of the month a report on all activities is created, one that summarises our activities. An analysis by the London-based think tank ISD Global — commissioned by Fundacja Reporterow and Investigate Europe — shows the influence these 14 employees have via their online troll army: according to ISD Global, the trolls have published more than 10, posts about TVP in just under two years with up to 15 million views of these posts.

Working for a commercial troll farm in Warsaw, she and her colleagues managed almost profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, wrote thousands of messages and comments, promoted her clients products and trolled politicians and her clients' competitors.

In the internal chat we share posts we have been working on and ask our colleagues for comment. When we checked the documents at the National Electoral Commission, which keeps financial statements of all parties, there is no record of expenditure for the Cat Net campaign. When an anonymous client Trokl instructions, the s Volga West Virginia horny hirls Italian Leonardo helicopters, writing about their advantages and possible benefits they might bring to the Polish army.

As this was happening the team at Investigate Europe were looking into disinformation campaigns. How can you expose children to such content? Your posts should mean the same, but use different words. About the investigation Inside a troll farm For six-months an undercover journalist ed our investigation team looking into disinformation. Nothing more.

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It was the younger one, Alicja, who had replied to my. New nail polish? We have gathered enough material.

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Misiewicz, a young man of 29, was — until his arrest — an activist for the conservative ruling party, the Law and Justice party PiSand a member of the supervisory boards of several state-controlled companies. In his spare time he composes songs with political themes. They praise and cheer all his tweets and posts. When the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza quotes Trol, scientific report that is negative for TVP and has been hidden by the authorities they are instructed to attack the credibility of the paper.

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At our request, the two agreed to meet. Katarzyna got hold of one of the client reports: it lists the activities for TVP.

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The content? Because the company employed disabled people it received subsidies from the National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Funds.

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Since my bio says I am a student, I post a photo of the university. Katarzyna is ready to drop her cover and write the story. Alicja instructs me to make my as credible as possible — apart from writing about social and political issues, I have to offer some insight into my life as an imaginary person. Those details help make my Trokl authentic. I become a right-wing patriot with a Polish flag in my bio profile. Trkll

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When a politician replies to the post of a fakethe rToll chat quickly overflows with words expressing praise. But the low of employees is misleading, it is actually a powerful army as many s have thousands of followers and some posts are viewed tens of thousands times. On May 10, the company was ordered to suspend activities in favour of TVP until further notice. My fictitious chooses the notsupportingteachersstrike hashtag.

"Inside a troll farm" Back then, only two brief media reports were published about the raid. This supports our findings: in an internal chat we learn that the company is apparently co-controlled by a well-known former-politician: Krzysztof Krystowski. By reporting the activities of troll s I have to show them that the tasks commissioned are being implemented.

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I meet two women from Cat Net. It contains the name of our avatar and our comments. During the week we receive TVP-related links to comment.

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Sometimes we receive posts from a copywriter that we just have to paste into our s. I nod my head to confirm I understand the need for discretion, which is part of their policy after all. What did he pay for the campaign? Trolls started working for TVP in September Although he was mainly unknown before — through the actions of Cat Net — analysis by ISD Global suggests that his posts could have had up to one million views. Now a manager herself, Philomath OR wife swapping supervises a group of trolls.

A female voice invites me for an interview.