Please show more respect," one Danish lawmaker said.

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Though Trump has mused about the purchase, he ly said the trip did not concern Greenland, which is rich in mineral deposits and ti really, really big on a Mercator projection map.

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President Donald Trump canceled a trip to Denmark after it refused to sell him Greenland, plus we look at the latest details from the Jeffrey Epstein case. But over the next 60 years, only nine women took seats in parliament. As I talk to Vigdis in her home in Reykjavik, she has on her lap a framed black-and-white photograph of the rally in Reykjavik's Downtown Square - the largest of more than 20 to take place throughout the country.

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There were reports of men arming themselves with sweets and colouring pencils to entertain the crowds of overexcited children in their workplaces. Three lawsuits filed Tuesday say the financier even arranged to have one of the women marry another woman so she could get permanent U. The idea of a strike was first proposed by the Red Stockings, a radical women's movement founded inbut yo some Icelandic women it felt too confrontational.

A brass band Free albany chat women fucking the theme tune of Shoulder to Shoulder, a BBC television series about the Suffragette movement which had aired in Iceland earlier that year.

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Vigdis, her mother and three-year-old daughter are somewhere in the sea of 25, women, who gathered to sing, listen to speeches and talk about what could be done. But when the strike was renamed "Women's Day Off" it secured near-universal support, including solid backing from the unions.

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Please show more respect. One of the suits alleges he continued to have sex with underage girls while he was on work release serving a Florida jail sentence under the watch of sheriff's deputies.

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Many more Icelandic children may well have grown up assuming that being president was a woman's job, as Vigdis went on to hold the position for 16 years - years that set Iceland on course to become known as "the world's Adult seeking nsa Sumas feminist country". Promised a boost by Trump, coal workers take up the fight as their industry struggles As a candidate, Trump promised miners he would restore the industry after years of steady decline.

It was a huge turnout for an island of justinhabitants.

It was a baptism of fire for some fathers, which may explain the other name the day has been given - the Long Friday. Dozens of retired miners, some in wheelchairs and using oxygen tanks to manage black lung disease, recently visited the Capitol seeking federal help. At the time she was artistic director of the Reykjavik Theatre Company and abandoned dress rehearsals to the demonstration, as did her female colleagues.

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The actual miners Trump showered with attention in have been less fortunate, as their job prospects dwindle and their communities languish. Sausages - easy to cook and popular with children - were in such demand the shops sold out. It was Novemberand Vigdis Finnbogadottir, a divorced single mother, had won Iceland's presidency that summer.

Women's suffrage around the world Iceland was not the first country to give women the right to vote, but it was well ahead of the curve. The boy didn't know it, but Vigdis all Icelanders go by their first name was Europe's first female president, and the first woman in the world to be democratically elected as a head of state. Please show more respect," one Danish lawmaker said.

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But as the president gears up for the campaign, coal magnates with histories of labor violations have been among the biggest beneficiaries wat his agenda. Here's all that and everything else we're covering today: Trump sparks disbelief over Greenland move The president tweeted late Tuesday that he had canceled his state Woemn to Denmark after its prime minister made clear the autonomous territory of Greenland wasn't for sale The move was met with disbelief in Denmark and beyond.

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Embassy building in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was a moment that changed the way women were seen in the country and helped put Iceland at the forefront of the fight for equality.